EXCEL FORMULA - Count plus one...incremental count?

Column A I have CAR TYPE. Column B I have STATUS. Column C I have QUANTITY. Column A can range from many car names that can show up multiple times (Ex: Honda Civic can show up 2 times and Sonata can show up 5 times). Column B is the status of whether the car is "Broken or Active". Column C has the number/quantity of car types left for that specific car. Column D is the lot number (location) of the car which I have a count formula that'll determine it's location. In Column D, I have an incremental count of the column A if Column B is "Active" and Column C is greater than 1. So if Honda Civic shows up 3 times and they are all active and quantity is greater than 1, and Sonata shows up 1 time, the location that shows up in Column D can be LotA1, LotA2, LotA3 for Civic and LotB1 for Sonata in Column D. HOWEVER, let's say the LotA2, for Honda Civic status is "BROKEN", I want LotA1 and LotA3 to still be there and the next Honda Civic that shows up that's active and quantity greater than 1, the lot number in Column D should say LotA2. Please help?


Your question is a little unclear. Are you placing the three lot designations for Honda all in the same cell in column D? Or do you just want to omit the lot designation in column D for 'BROKEN' entries?