I need to turn Excel files into pdf's. I can read pdf's sent to me via email, but I cannot turn my Excel files into pdf from my end.?

It says "launch acrobat" when I try. A few months ago I purchased some rubbish from Adobe but it cost a lot of money and still I couldn't convert Excel to pdf. So I quit paying for it. I think I should be able to do this for free anyway. My other computer had it but this one doesn't (not sure why) and I have never paid for it before.


1. You quit paying for a service, so you don't get to use that service any more. It doesn't matter what you "think". 2. You don't need the full version of Adobe Acrobat to save files as a PDF. Open the file, click on the File tab and then "save as". There will be an option to save as a PDF.


Look around the menus and submenus in Excel because there may be an "Export as PDF..." option.

A Hunch

There are many free PDF creation programs. If you are using W10 or a MAC, there is embedded software for this. . to use them, you act like you are printing the page. But you print it to PDF instead of an actual printer.


Just save it as PDF.