Need help installing ubuntu?

i am installing ubuntu for the first time and i want to install with alongside my windows 10.i am stuck in partition settings and i dont know what to do.and it is my first time and i dont want to do anything that will delete my partition because i have data in that partition.the pictures of where i am stuck is given below please tell me what to choose in the file system and mount point so that it does'nt effect the parttion and my data in it. in the pic i have chosen ntfs journaling because my partitoin is in ntfs file system but i dont know if its the right choice or not..


Stop Boot into windows and create a seperate partition from there then use that to install ubuntu. BTW i would recommend Linux Mint if you are looking to get into Linux much better than ubuntu. Its also much friendlier to people migrating from windows as it will have a similar GUI something your used to.