Will windows 8.1 pro product key work with windows 8.1?


Sumon Ali


Laurence I

you dont need a sticker. The BIOS holds the licence and microsoft have the details of the BIOS and the licence. Thus for example you have the original disks and your hard drive dies, You are allowed to fit a new hard drive as that is deemed as keeping the original hardware(the mainboard with the BIOS on it). so you install the same OS, and it will only activate when you access the internet, otherwise you get just 30 days and it deactivates to the point that it will need an internet connection. so if you want to re-install 8.1, it needs to be the SAME VERSION as before otherwise its a different activation key required. so a win 8.1 Pro licence only works with win 8.1 pro OS. However the following is also true. The OS must be installed the same route. eg if the original os was w7 and it was upgraded to w8 then thats exactly what you need to do if the disk is new/blank or erased. It is also true that the same OS thats from a different CD may be treated as DIFFERENT because it may be a Volume(multiple copy) licence so thats not the same key. It is also true you can usually BUY a key for windows 7 8 or 10 for a few bucks/pounds legitamately so long as you install a matching version of the OS usually a volume licence copy.


nope...product key for single serial only