Is there a DLSR camcorder with a long range and good quality of audio with a budget under $700?

On a budget for under $700

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The closest thing to a "dSLR camcorder" that ever existed was the Sony NEX-EA50. All the attributes of a dSLR (interchangeable lens system, hot shoe flash mount, single APS-C imaging sensor, a few other features, including 20 mp still image capture) plus all the attributes of a camcorder (good selection of resolutions, video formats and frame rates, XLR audio inputs, lots of manual controls on the outside - not buried in a menu, a pull-out, shoulder support and lots more)... There are a few "cinema cams" that look more like a traditional dSLR, but may not have the connectivity provided by the NEX EA50... Check the Blackmagic Design cams and Canon XC-series or EOS cinema cams (not the dSLRs). None of these will be in your price range... You get to either increase your budget or decrease your requirements.


No DSLR is a camcorder, and no camcorder is a DSLR. There are several good camcorders that you can get for less than $700. Why aren't you doing what all of us would in the same position --- Doing One's Own Research ?


What's your idea of "long range" - what are you planning to do with it?