Please recommend a laptop for movie making, uploading from a camcorder, editing, storing too. 1,500 price range or less from bestbuy?

and please tell me if a gaming computer is not recommended or does not matter? and do you suggest not mixing gaming with movie making on the sane laptop? this is a gaming laptop I might exchange or keep? ASUS GU501GM-B17 Thanks, please help me decided what to do.

L: Any with

Any with: Intel Core i5 or equivalent or faster; 16 gig physical RAM or greater; 125mb eDRAM or greater; Three USB-C slots or more; 256gb SSD or larger - Storing the video project files should happen on an external drive. Basically, a MacBook Pro... Your budget needs to be increased or your requirement decreased. Video uses CPU cycles. Gaming uses the GPU, not the CPU. The hardware is one thing... Final Cut Pro is great. If you must buy Windows, you still need the RAM, SSD, CPU clock speed and external drive. Vegas Pro or Sony Catalyst. Add an external 21" - 27" monitor. You will want the square footage.

Daniel K