What is the best inexpensive vhs camcorder?

I want to find a good vhs camcorder to record cool home video-esque family videos (family dinner, vlog, party, holiday, birthday, etc.) I really like the 90s look of vhs home videos however most cameras I seen online are either really expensive ($400-$700) or used and in bad condition. So does anyone have any recommendations for a vhs hand held-type camcorder in the $50 - $150 range?


Not worth the trouble. You can get approximately the same results with standard 8mm (rather than Hi8) or you could shoot in HD (MiniDV or even a new model of today) and downres in editing.


Whatever you can find in the local thrift shop. It's been what.. at least 10 years since they were made? Get a real video camera and edit the video to look "VHS".


They're no longer manufactured, so of course they are used or expensive (most new old stock stuff is). There are a couple VHS-C camcorders on sale that are listed as being in good condition for around $50. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Panasonic-PV-L453-VHS-C-Camcorder-with-2-5-LCD-and-SD-Digital-Still-Capability/123488086833?epid=1503641868&hash=item1cc076ab31:g:sxkAAOSwwXRb61pT:rk:2:pf:0&LH_ItemCondition=1500&LH_BIN=1


Go to goodwill and buy a couple of them for $10.00 each.


Trying to work with VHS is going to be a pain - inclusive_disjunction's right about the camera side of things, and then you'll need to invest in a capture card and VHS tapes. It would be much easier to record the video with a phone / P&S camera and then play around with it using a video editor.