Why will a Sony play Hi 8 tapes through tv, but not let me transfer them to dvd via a Video Grabber. Thanks a lot.?

Have checked source and have a 4.3 or 16.9 aspect ratio choice. Have no Video S connection on the camera, but have on the Grabber USB Can I play the tapes through the tv and connect the grabber via the scart connection ?.


Hi, are you aware that you can plug your camera into a laptop, then burn it onto a dvd? Yes, you can do this.


Check all settings on the capture device.

SSP Bowl Dude

Seems like it's the problem with the capture device and not the player Hi8 is an analog format, 480i or 576i . Make sure everything is correct as to the video standard NTSC vs PAL and the capture device inputs S video without a converter.