Are the images in camera or mirror more accurate?



Mirror, but you still shouldn't believe everything you see.


Mirror images are reversed. Images produced by a camera are not. If you are asking about accuracy related to quality, then both mirrors and cameras can produce distorted or poor quality images, depending on light conditions, quality of the mirror or camera/lens, how close you are to a camera, and other factors.


What do you mean by more accurate? One is a reflection that is happening in real time however it is flipped. The other is an image built of pixels and frozen in time.

keerok: Instead of answering directly, consider these

Instead of answering directly, consider these: 1. The camera needs skill to operate thus results will depend greatly on how skillful the photographer is. 2. The mirror requires zero skill. Just stand in front of it and look. 3. The camera never captures exactly as your eyes see it. 4. A mirror always flips the image. 5. Both depend greatly on great lighting to be of good use.


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I'm still trying to understand why are you even comparing them?