Cameras: What is the purpose of a dslr having 2 memory card slots?



Memory cards do fail, so having two slots is a means of having a backup just in case one slot should fail. If you're a pro, having two slots is a type of insurance of avoiding loosing photos and your reputation as a photographer. If you're not a pro, then having two slots isn't all that necessary. In that case, having another slot means having twice the amount of storage space without having to stop and change memory cards in the middle of photographing. Plus you may want to shoot in RAW + JPEG.


on some situations u have to shoot a long shot ...and u may face the memory full message..whith 2 memory cards the footage gonna switch to second slot without losing a frame


Back up in case one card gets damaged. One card to give to a client and one for post processing. One card in one format and one in another. (RAW + JPEG). Two different card formats (CF and SD). More memory. This is primarily for professional photographers. An amateur doesn’t really need two card slots.