Does the Olympus e-510 camera have internal memory or is a memory card needed in order to use it? If so, how much?



The camera manual does not state whether there is any internal memory or not. So I’ve just inserted a partially-charged battery into my wife’s old E-510 and confirmed there is no internal memory. Certainly a good and fully usable camera though; one of the very first to have live preview on the rear LCD, and like most of that time it’s designed for still images with extremely crude video capabilities. The available lenses are excellent quality and can be cheap as full sized Four-Thirds is an orphaned format since Olympus And Panasonic changed to Micro Four-Thirds (M4/3). Lenses can be used on M4/3 bodies with an adapter but they tend to be too large for M4/3 bodies and the autofocus performance often suffers badly as most M4/3 cameras use a different type of autofocus system.


You can download the manual for your Olympus EVOLT e-510 direct from the Olympus website, my friend. (Link below.) You can use CompactFlash/Microdrive memory cards (CF Type I or Type II), or xD-Picture Card memory cards. (Your camera has two separate card slots that you can use. You can actually use both, if you wish, but you need to indicate, via the menu, which card you wish to save your photographs to.)


Read The Owner's Manual. Many digital cameras have a small internal memory that will hold a few images, maybe a dozen or so, at the camera's highest quality setting. Using a card is the normal, practical way. The manual should tell you exactly the type(s) and capacity of card the camera is designed to use.


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It's a dSLR. It doesn't have internal memory. It needs a CF memory card. How much? Find it out yourself.


All of your answers are in the camera manual.