Excellent cameras and lenses for photography videos?

It can be any price around 1,000 USD. I was leaning more towards DSLRs and cameras of that type since I already have a point and shoot. I also couldn t decide between Nikon or Canon. Thoughts?


Canon, Camcorder, NOT DSLR.

keerok: Thoughts

Thoughts: 1. For photography, the best tools are dSLRs and mirrorless cameras. 2. For shooting videos, the right tool is a digital camcorder. 3. They are different and should not be interchanged.


You're; 1) Thinking of a stills camera when you want to shoot video - this is bad. 2) You only know two manufacturers- this is stupid.

Raleigh Perry

You limit yourself horribly trying to choose between a Canon and a Nikon. Sony has a very good product out there now as does Olympus


go for mirrorless camera, compact for easy carry purposes. photos are exellent

John P

A good camcorder is the best instrument to use for masking videos. Any DSLR or "still" camera has video only as an add-on. Still cameras are not the most practical instruments to use for video work. You can buy an advanced camcorder for $1,000.


For video, use a camcorder. DSLRs are getting better at video, but they aren't all the way there. For normal still pictures, I would want a Pentax.