Horizontal banding/streaks during video?

I have a new 4k camera and everything was all fine until I guess I changed out the light bulbs in my room to a daylight light bulb and since then I've been getting a horizontal banding streaks in my videos and I'm not sure why? a friend recommended lowering my shutter speed but then my videos look too bright or blown out when I do so or maybe I'm doing something wrong? Could it be the bulb ? It's a Phillips 69w dimmable LED bulb


Change the bulbs back.


Your friend is correct. You must use a slower shutter speed. You can avoid overexposed videos by either lowering the ISO or by using a neutral density filter. If you have a polarizer filter, that will lower the light level by 2 stops, which may be enough so that you don't need to buy an ND filter. You can easily check if it's the LEDs that are causing the problem simply by using a different type of bulb. Most likely it is the LEDs that are causing the problem. If you want, you can buy this $150 plug-in to remove the banding in your existing video(s): https://www.digitalanarchy.com/Flicker/main.html

John P

Indeed some LED bulbs do give banding in photos - possibly worse with dimmable LEDs. Try another type of bulb. Could you borrow a few different LED bulbs from friends etc? If one type works well, go and buy that type. The same can happen with some fluorescent lights. Ordinary old-fashioned tungsten bulbs generally do not give banding, but cost more to run, give off a lot more heat, and are not "daylight" in colour quality.

SSP Bowl Dude

Change the white balance