I have a Polaroid - instax square sq6 when taking the picture the Polaroid is black. No cap on, changed film. Can someone help?



You can't have a Polaroid Instax camera because the Instax instant film camera is made by Fujifilm and not Polaroid. Calling what comes out of your Intax camera a Polaroid, is like calling a Pepsi a Coke. Take a look at your exposure adjustment. It could be that the exposure adjustment is set to full negative. If that isn't the problem, then your camera is broken. Unfortunately, the failure rate on the Instax cameras is apparently quite high as these are really just toy cameras. You will be far better off buying a used Polaroid Sun 600 for $5 from eBay, then a $70 toy camera new.

Common Sense

First - I think you have a Fuji Camera not a Polaroid. Polaroid only market s film for its old cameras not cameras. Second - If you are describing the problem correctly as black and not just dark then you have a shutter problem. Since the shutter is electronic it could be as simple as your battery is no good and needs to be replace to the shutter itself is broken. A battery would mean that the flash would also not work so that is easy to eliminate.. A camera shop could easily check the shutter and probably would no charge you but you have to fool the camera into thinking it advanced the film and that all the doors are closed. Third - If you mean that the picture is just too dark then Speed already gave you a good answer.


I found a website that discusses this issue. They cite four reasons for this underexposure: Wrong setting on brightness adjustment Not enough light in the scene Flash isn't working Exposure meter is covered The site has more details.