What is it called when your underwater action camera shows green.what is it called?



I was a diver. Water kills different wave lengths of color as you go deeper. Red side first working toward green and then blue. You get very weird colors on a partly cloudy day since the clouds do the same. You could have a large wave go over you and notice the colors fade. Same with clouds.


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Even in crystal clear water, everything looks greeny-blue when you get a few feet underwater because the water filters out the red wavelengths of light first. In water which isn’t crystal clear, there’s often green algae in the water. You fix the first problem by using additional dive lighting or by staying closer to the surface. The second problem cannot be fixed totally, but is reduced by staying close to the surface to maximise the light and by having as little water as possible between you and the subject of your photograph. Adding additional artificial lighting often makes the problem worse as all the tiny bits of algae then scatter the light.

John P

Which bit of the camera "shows green"? A green indicator LED or similar? Or do you mean that the photos from that camera taken underwater seem green?


Algae (?)

Laurence I

green screen. if you have an error on playback thats something else. if you are viewing in a browser just turn off hardware acceleration in the browser settings and restart it.


A greenie? You mean the general tone of the picture is green? It's just that the other wavelengths of light aren't reaching that level of water. Try going nearer to the surface or if you can afford it, bring down waterproof artificial lights with you.




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Your question is too vague. What do you mean by "showing green?" What's "showing" green? Do you mean that a green light is coming on? Do you mean that the image has a green color cast to it? Do you mean that the entire LCD screen or electronic viewfinder is green? What exactly is green? Green color in the photo means that your white balance was not set properly. Green light usually means that the AF system has locked on to the subject. A green LCD screen means that the camera is broken.