What’s a good upgrade from the cannon rebel t6i?

I’ve been looking to upgrade from my current camera the camera rebel t6i, as much as I love the camera I’m just ready for an upgrade to something else. I just enjoy shooting photos for fun, I was looking into the t7i, what do you think?

Steve P

Your first upgrade is to learn to spell CANON correctly!

G. Whilikers

See if the T7i has anything new that would make you spend a few hundred to get. 6 frames per second (20% faster) 49 point focus (vs 19) Bluetooth as well as the existing WiFi and NFC communications Pixel sensor from EOS 80D, for ISO 51200 and more dynamic range 1080p/60 and better autofocus New kit lens is image stabilizing 18-55 zoom


The T7i is an upgrade, but not that much of an upgrade to justify the cost. Look at the 80D for a real upgrade.

John P

Stick with Canon if you have any Canon lenses apart from the kit zoom which came with the camera. And indeed learn to read the name of your camera brand correctly! Why do you want an upgrade? Quite likely any upgrade will not make that huge difference in your photographs which you might be hoping for.


Anything by CANON ! If you can't even make the effort to copy the manufacturer's name from the prism housing, I'm not surprised you're disappointed in your photos.


"as much as I love the camera I’m just ready for an upgrade to something else." But why? What do you want the new camera to do that the old one doesn't? Once you get your new camera what will convince you that you made the right decision?


iPhone X r


It not much of an upgrade that way. You're just getting a new camera with more megapixels. To feel an improvement in your shooting experience, get at least a 70D. If you can afford better, get the 80D or any of the single digit models, 6D, 7D, 8D(?) or whatever iteration of the 1D you can afford. Be warned however that getting a new and better camera does not translate to capturing better photos. Picture quality still depends on your skill as a photographer. The camera is only a tool.

Digital One

Buy a higher quality lens.


Learning and experience are the best upgrades available to any photographer, far more valuable than the latest/greatest new camera.


the t6i is the newest and most advanced canon camera...if you wan a different model..try nikon as the picture resolution is a bit higher than canons