Whats best camera that youtubers use?



Depends what their filming. Youtubers that sit at home and stream their face, those that stream protests, or upload action clips? Or snowboard videos? be more specific


Depends... If you're after 1080p, the Logitech C920 HD is a good shout. Otherwise, the 4k market needs a LOT of research. Most 4k camera's that are at a competitive price are usually sub standard.


I have a dozens of videos posted to YouTube and use a Sony PXW-Z150, HDR-AX2000 and HDR-AS30v action cam. The Z150 is a 4k camcorder with only a single imaging sensor. When outside on a nice, bright, sunny day, it is "best" for clarity taking full advantage of the best available resolution. Daytime outdoor activities, local soccer or football games, tennis, equestrian events, surfing, etc. External mic connectivity is excellent. The HDR-AX2000 resolution tops out at 1080p resolution, but is best in low-light conditions because of the large (1/3 inch) 3CMOS imaging chip system. Can also be used during the daytime, but poor lighting environments that use street lighting have less video noise than the Z150. This camcorder will probably be replaced by a Sony PXW-Z190. The HDR-AS30V action cam maxes out at 1080p resolution, too, but is best for helmet or body-mount applications. With a small lens and small imaging chip, low light video capture is not so good. It can also capture at 120 frames per second, so is good for slow motion capture (when lighting is good). Do you need any of these? We have no idea what you plan to capture, edit and upload to YouTube.