Where can I get film for a Vivitar camera IC 400?




Steve P

Nothing special about the film it uses, just normal 35mm film, found at many places. It is a totally NON adjustable point and shoot camera. Don't expect great things from it, especially in poor light. If you need a place to have the film developed, you can use The Darkroom online or try a local Walgreens store. I do NOT suggest using Walmart, as they only give you back very low resolution digital files and do not return your negatives. I highly suggest you use The Darkroom. http://www.thedarkroom.com

don r

Walmart sells 35mm film.in the electronics dept.

stan l

Amazon, B&H Photo, Adorama, you can probably find it at the local drugstore or supermarket. It's not some magic $h%$ nobody stocks. Even Walmart has it. AYRTFH?



Vinegar Taster

Walmart has it .Maybe $ 5 a roll . Costco , maybe ..


you could try annazon, they sell everything that exists