Where can I still sell a non-digital Nikon camera? Some online buy and sell websites are not touching the camera and I am just waiting?



Good used Nikon 35mm SLR models still have a market, but the cheaper consumer grade models such as the EM are almost worthless. If you have a Nikon compact camera then it’s pretty well worthless unless it’s one of their few collectible models. Any quick online search for your camera model will show you whether it’s collectible and resellable. The lenses for 35mm models are often worth far more than the camera bodies, except for the cheap “kit” lenses which were supplied with the cameras. Lenses with aperture rings usually worth more than the later models which lacked aperture rings. The latter always have the letter “G” in the lens model description, the joke was that G meant “gelded”. Ebay is still a good place to sell. Check that the aperture blades in the lenses operate snappily with no drag and no visible oil on the aperture blades, and look through the lenses to make sure there’s no lens fungus inside. A bit of dust is inevitable. Any faults hugely reduce lens value.

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As others say, it much depends on which model of old Nikon you are trying to sell, as it would with any other generally upmarket brand. If you have had no interest so far then probably it is not a model much valued in today's second-hand market. Any chance of telling us which model you have? And which lens(es) come with it, if it is a SLR?


Sell it on EBay or similar auction site, having first ascertained what similar cameras are making, or take to a thrift store. Only if it is very rare or a top professional model will anyone show interest in it.

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Ask the people who still sell film