How do I fix this issue with my PC and headset/microphone?

I have a Sony WH-1000M2 headset. It's currently connected to my PC via bluetooth. I want to use the microphone of the headset. However, I have to use the hands-free settings in the "Sound" section. I want to use the Razer Surround with it aswell but everytime I calibrate it with my headset, I can't hear anything. It only works when I use the hands-free but with no surround audio. How do I fix this?


Connect headset to another device by Bluetooth. Smartphone, tablet, other PC. Take audio output out of that and put it into line input of the PC that has the Razer surround.


I also tried disabling the hands-free and connecting to headset stereo on the "playback" section and keeping the hands-free on the "recording" section. However, when I join discord, I cannot hear anything.