How to work sony DVD player?



All of your answers are in the manual.


Depends on the DVD player in question. You should have an instruction manual or access to one online.

don r

It's all in the book that came with it. Go take the box out of the garbage and get the instruction book out so you can read it.


Like any other DVD player......... Open Tray to insert disk, close tray, press play button (>) if it doesn't start automatically - ensuring TV is set to the channel for input from the port the DVD player is connected to (e.g. "HDMI 1", etc). Press Pause (II) button to get footage to stay still, or the Square button to stop it completely. For more complex operations read the instruction manual. If the instruction manual has been misplaced, just do a search for the particular model of DVD player, such as: "Sony ???-???? DVD Player manual" and it usually shows up. If you don't know the model, there's usually an information tag on the machine on the back or underneath if the model number isn't printed on the front.


Read The Owner's Manual. If you don't have a copy, download one.