Samsung 3.1 340w soundbar vs 38inch Vizio 5.1 101db sounbar?

I ve had the Vizio 38inch 5.1 sound bar for 2 years. I ve checked out the Samsung 3.1 soundbar from a retail, and was impressed by the sound. Is it a good idea to go ahead upgrade to the Samsung, or keep what I have? Would the Samsung s lack of 2 extra speakers hinder it? Because in the end, I m looking for a great surround sound.

spacemissing: Let's start with a Very important fact

Let's start with a Very important fact: You Will Not Get "great" surround sound with any sound bar. A good set of separate speakers will be needed. Expect to pay at least $200 per cabinet, for a total of $1,000 for left, right, center, and two surrounds. That doesn't include the receiver you will also need, nor does it include the $800 (or more) subwoofer you'll want for the .1 channel. Another thing you should know is that you can't convert a power rating to a sound pressure rating. Only if both items have SPL ratings can you even Hope to make a valid comparison. Power alone does Not determine a maximum volume.


Soundbars are not usually surround sound. They are inexpensive ways to improve TV sound,usually without requiring an external amplifier. When you are ready to move on to surround sound, be aware that surround systems are built to drive its center channel speakers from the receivers amplifier. This center speaker basically replaces the sound bar all together, and has a different purpose altogether than the sound bar did.The surround system will not use, or want, the built in amplifier circuitry of a soundbar. Your soundbar would be retired to another room, or the attic. Cheaper HTiB surround systems (Though not recommended) come with all the speakers needed, the front pair, rear pair, center speaker and usually a bass module and are not compatible with soundbars either. Soundbars are specialized products made to operate in a very specific way, directly with the TV. If you want to keep using a soundbar solution, and like the sound of one better than another, that is your decision, but be aware the purchase will not be a step towards a true surround system.


LOL @ I'm looking for great surround sound... IN A SOUND BAR!!! ROFLMMFAO!!!!! It's like people don't realize when different words simply don't go together.