What is the best home theater system for Television as well as ps4 Gaming? Thanks?



There is no simple answer. No two situations are alike. Consult a local professional.


Marantz AV receiver with Bowers and Wilkins 800 series speakers...but do you really want to spend that much, for the best system???..Perhaps for a more economical but still very good excellent system Denon AV receiver with Elac debut 2.0 speakers...


Go to a place that has a proper demo room (Not a big box full of geeks) and select a set of speakers. Then choose a receiver that is appropriate for the speakers. A good salesperson will help you with that.


Do you really mean, "The best..." ($100,000+) or do you mean, "The best I can afford", with your limited budget?

Kevin L

Like most people they have no idea what is available especially when you say the best. You can spend over a million dollars when you talk about the best. Seriously. The better question is what would your recommend for the budget your wanting to spend. A even better idea is to go and discover your local independent high end audio video stores in your area as they carry the better brands of equipment and typically have the knowledge to design and install a system properly. There are many things to consider when designing a quality music and or home theater system and it takes someone with years of knowledge to help you through the process. So your local high end audio store will play a vital role in designing a system you can be proud to own and one that will work well electrically and sound good sonically. Forget the chain stores they have no idea what they are doing and 98% of what they carry is junk anyhow. Kevin 40 years high end audio video specialist