What is the current perfect entertainment setup? Modern Home/Living Room Entertainment Setup Trends? HTPC, SHIELD, PLEX, KODI?

Hooked up my laptop to my TV and am enjoying the experience. Started looking into HTPC's, found that I am 4+++ years behind the times and most people recommend Shields and Plex (cost savings, easy setup and less tinkering and upkeep for surround and 4k). I am upgrading to 4K TV’s soon. I have an Android TV box (Beelink) with KODI in both the bedroom and Living Room but find them lacking. Could be the remote/keyboard I use (Rii Mini i8). That and it feels like my KODI addons are always dying/not working. The upkeep is becoming not worth the savings. Use my PS4 for gaming but am planning to build and switch to PC gaming. I probably already have my answer but want to make sure before I spend a bunch of time/money and find out I there is something better. So do I build a power house gaming pc, use it as a plex server, buy 2 Shields or build 2 HTPC’s and call it a day. If not what is better? I don’t like to waste money but will spend extra where it is needed. TIA for any answers.


There is no "perfect". There are things that are best for One Specific Person. Since that means there is an almost unlimited number of possibilities, it only makes finding "perfect" more difficult.

Gordon B

Shield, plex and kodi can be combined. Get a shield and it cmes with plex and kodi can be installed.