Are robocalls even legal?

Every damn day I get about 4-5 calls from random numbers that turn out to be robocalls. And everytime I put myself on their do not call list, they still call me. And then I block the number and they call me from a different number. Is it even legal for companies to do this?


It seems it should be similar to "Public Nuisance" . If i play with 911 or keep ringing someone's door bell, those are legal violations. If President Trump wants to make history, let him hammer on this one. It is similar to Fake News in a remote sort of way, Right?


"Is it even legal for companies to do this?" It depends where you are - in the UK you can register with the Telephone Preference Service, which makes it illegal to call you. But if the call originates off-shore there's no way of enforcing it.


Unfortunately, robocalls Are legal. Unfortunately, no matter how many times you put your number on a "do not call" list, you will still get calls of the sort you are trying to avoid. Unfortunately, that's how the world works these days.