What s up with internet information?

Check it out. Most completely wrong. Take telephone connection passed through this electronic highway. Start with the knowledge the telephone company spies. That means until you pay them your telephone starts off hook. (That is as you have hung up.)Or active so they can listen. It s reversed. That means your initial condition for the telephone is dial tone off, but the ringer and microphone is active so the telephone will transmit down the line. Or YOUR voltage is lowest at this point whatever that voltage is. So you can transmit a long ways using just noise. Take the telephone off it bed the voltage goes up. It s reversed from the internet claims.


what are you talking about?


Whatever you think you said, no one else has the slightest idea why.

Crim Liar

I'm afraid your question makes no sense whatsoever. If you are fluent in another language you may want to try posting in that language!