Why does telephone service suck these days?

You can never get a hold of someone when you want to?


Perversely the rise of cell phones coincides with less and less actual communication (and despite the fact that people have phones on them all the time it is much harder to call someone and actually get them - people rarely seem to even use their phones as phones these days). Personally I don't use mobile devices, I use my computer as a computer and my land-line phone as a phone (yeah, I know I'm weird).


The telephone service is not your problem. Your problem is the people you call.

Lorenzo Steed

Use your land line like the rest of us do. To find your cell phone.


Do you mean landline or cell? Landline, many people will not pick up before screening the call, due to the pervasiveness of (illegal and legal) telemarketing. Cell, people are busy, as they always were. In 1985, I wouldn't expect to be able to call a student during school hours, a construction worker on the job, or someone driving. I have the same lack of expectation today. Just because they can answer, doesn't mean they should. And because of all the constant connectivity, some people only pick up for the people most important to them. Others can text.


I haven't had a landline in years. Might be time for you to get a cellphone.


I haven’t used my landline for several years and the only calls I get are telemarketing. The only reason I have it is because it’s part of a bundled deal that includes internet and cable TV. Recently, my wife has disconnected our home phone. My family have had cell phones since around 2004.


cause nobody but old hags still use phones like that