How do you make vinyl audio output better?

My Crowley t100 audio output is just flat out awful. Any tips on making the audio output better?


You can't. The reason the sound quality is "...flat out awful..", is because the Crosley T100 is cheaply and poorly made, using very low grade components - that's why it was so cheap to buy in the first place. Nothing you can do will change the appalling sound quality. Additionally, due to it's poor componentry, the T100 (and every other all-in-one 'record player') will actually cause permanent damage to any vinyl you play on it. Be warned... SSP Bowl Dude has the best suggestion.


You want "silk purse" sound quality - but you are playing vinyl on a "sow's ear" cheapie record player.


Use a real turntable connected to a real stereo system.

SSP Bowl Dude

Throw it away and get a proper setup.

Tony B

The best way is to see if the same recordings are available on CD.


When you buy cheap crap, you get cheap crap performance.


mag cartridge might need upgrading, a 4-6 pole motor on a german turntable might do the trick vs 3 poles which do not run steadily & accurately,,noisy too they make a whoosh whoosh which the cartridge picks up a better preamp,which amplifies the record player current to the level that the main amp needs for the proper listening level. a more powerful but accurate receiver you may need to buy one

Kevin L

That is the issue people think just getting a basic turntable is going to give you that magic sound that vinyl has. Sorry but there are many cheap and crappy sounding budget turntables on the market. They come from these manufactures that just want to get into the vinyl resurgence. A decent turntable starts at least around $400 anything less than that ( unless you find something decent used ). Kevin 40 years high end audio video specialist


You can always the current speaker out and put a new one in off of something like Ebay.


Use audacity and a usb turntable and audacity to record your songs on the computer. Then after that you select all of the audio track on audacity and amplify it, then save it to cd sound format and whola! You have perfect audio output. With a computer you can use equalizer to make the sound better


Vinyl sucks. It’s the crappiest format ever invented. People think it sounds better because of “woo”. The best sound is obtained with a CD (just Red Book... the logic that SACD sounds better is the same logic that TVs that emit X-rays make the image look better—ie, we can’t see or hear the difference), played through a premium, but not ridiculously expensive sound system.