How long do Bluetooth headphones with a headphone jack-plug last for?


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Radio waves: Bluetooth are lesser on radio wave. They are inferred. I’m not sure on headphone/earphone (HP/EP) jack-plug, I think is radio because of cellular connected. Battery: On battery, depends cuz Bluetooth & HP/EP jack-plug have extra usage too on energy & devices. Distance: Bluetooth are lesser on problem cuz they are wireless, no more tangle, & when some push you/pull the wire, it will less the destroy of it and you can listen to the music/calls/record/watch vids./notification sound even the device on bag, pocket or driving however less of the volume while driving even HP/EP. But HP/EP are some wireless jack-plug just like wireless mouse usb (not sure about the wireless jack-plug) Sounds: Jack-plug have more clear just like AM & FM or WiFi & Ethernet cable but it can cut/damage the wire so the sound will be the more problem. More on this answer’s comments.


You still aren't making sense. What plug are you referring to? What do you mean by "last" in this case? Are asking how long it will play, or are you asking about how many months, years etc. will the unit last in service?


Stop asking this question over and over. It's not written well anyway.


longer than ones without a jack

G. Whilikers

Are you talking about its physical life expectancy, (depends on how well it's built) or how long the battery holds a charge? (depends on whether the wireless circuit still runs when you plug it in)


If they are BlueTooth then they don't need to be plugged in!