How long does a Bluetooth headphones with a headphone jack last for?



I think you meant to ask, “How long do Bluetooth headphones with a headphone jack-plug last for?” As the headphone cable will hardly ever be used on Bluetooth headphones which maintain the option for a passive cabled connection, you can expect that part to last as long as you need if you never use it. But you’ll usually be using them as wireless headphones, because that’s the entire point of them: if you don’t get them wet, don’t sleep overnight whilst wearing them, and don’t drop them, then they should last until the rechargeable internal battery fails. Even that might not be the end as manufacturers of better quality units will replace the batteries if you pay for the service, or you may be able to do so yourself if you have the skills. The best units are totally modular in that they’ll last as long as the manufacturer offers spare repair parts for them. You’re a kid though, so they’re far more likely to get lost or stolen long before they break.


Possibly as long as they are well cared for.


As long as it's connected.