Over ear budget wireless Heapdones?

Hello there, I am on the search for the a pair of over ear wireless heaphones. And i am seeing all these new terms that i am trying to explore. Therefore i have targeted the below in order to narrow my search but is was really hard to do so. Hence i am asking you guys. I want a pair of headphones with the following features: Wired and wireless mode (Bluetooth support) Active Noice Cancelling Multipoint 3d surround sound Thank you.


In what I consider to be a "budget" price range, none of the terms you listed will be applicable. Be prepared to spend at least $130 for what you really want. Look only at brands known to be good, and sort things out by price After you learn what each has to offer. This is a short list of worthy names: Koss (the "inventor" of stereo headphones) Audio-Technica Sony AKG B&W Beyerdynamic Grado Shure