Are die hard batteries being discontinued?

Since Sears have almost gone the way of the dinosaurs, are die hard batteries going to be obsolete and the brand become defunct?


Why worry about it? Sears has never made its own batteries. There are only three major manufacturers of car batteries in the U.S. --- Johnson Controls, which in addition to selling to many other brands markets its own products under the Interstate name; Exide, which sells both under its own name and to other brands; and what was Delco / Delphi (I'm not sure what it's called now). It also sells to various brands. That's it. Almost any battery you can buy, no matter what name is on it, was actually made by one of those three companies.




Sears batteries are manufactured by a company other than Sears Many auto shops, garages, etc sell batteries made by the same company. They are identical to the Sears batteries except for the name

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They're made by Energizer.


their Craftsman's Tools have been bought by Ace Hardware, maybe those batteries will be bought also .............