Do you like buying a ghost brand products?

You buy a tv that has a brand called Tusken and you don't know anything about that brand and that brand doesn't have a website and you don't know the brands origins. You buy a popcorn popper with the brand name sunami and likewise you don't see that brand anywhere and don't know where that brand is or where it exists. The brand doesn't have a website. Do you like buying ghost brand products? You know products with brands that nobody hears the tell of and has no roots or origins and no website exists.


This is what China is doing. I don't like it at all. I want to know the name of the company, the company's location and mailing address, a phone number and a customer service department. I want to be able to obtain replacement parts, for a product that might need such parts replaced with time and usage. I do NOT like our "throw away" society.


Buying such junk carries with it a huge load of risks. I buy brands at which I can at least point a finger of blame when there is a problem, as everyone else should do. If no one supported garbage brands, they would eventually disappear.


I've bought such brands in the past when they have good reviews on Amazon: and they worked out fine. What happens is that a certain such product is made in China by one manufacturer, then several U.S. (or other country) companies buy the product in bulk, packages it, puts their own brand names on it, and sells it at a profit. So the same product can be available under different brand names, from different companies, and possibly at different prices.


Seems like an easy way to get ripped off.


Don't by off brands like that.