Is anyone else not that impressed with the texting era?

I text but only because pretty no one talks anymore. I don't really like it though. I miss the days when people actually picked up their phone and there was a voice.


I text only rarely, as I have no kids and know few youngsters. What is does is make the stupid children all 'shy' and full of 'social anxiety.' You can see that on here often, as they have NO idea how to contact a business or agency to secure information. Most of them don't want jobs where they have to 'talk on the phone.' A handicapped bunch, if ever there was one.

Question Queen

I agree.


Texting saved me from saying a lot of things which would ruin my relationship with my friends OK because in real life when I say something and it slips there's no going back but when I text, you see, I can actually ERASE what I typed and be ultra fake to everyone especially with the new emojis I don't even have to worry about pulling off a fake smile I just put in lots of those cry-laugh emoji and the OK hand