Do you have experience with bi-directional dubbing? Recording from VHS to DVD?

I have a Funai VHS to DVD recorder. The last few years I've been slowly getting rid of all of my VHS tapes, by recording them to DVDs. Today, I had content that lasted 15 minutes on a VHS tape, but used an entire DVD-R for that. I also had another VHS tape with only 10 minutes of content, again, using only 1, DVD-R. Here is my question: Can I use multiple VHS tapes and put content from 2 or 3 tapes onto 1 DVD, or is it one VHS for one DVD? I see it as being wasteful, if I am putting only a few minutes onto each single disc, as where I could put all those VHS tapes onto one single disc. Thanks. Again, I am using a Funai VHS to DVD recorder. IT IS A PHYSICAL UNIT, NOT SOFTWARE. Without it, I can't play my VHS TAPES.


"Can I use multiple VHS tapes and put content from 2 or 3 tapes onto 1 DVD..." Possibly, depending on how the player / recorder functions internally. If it can, it will tell you in the instruction manual (which we don't have, but you do). Read the manual and if it explains how to record more than one tape onto a DVD, you can do it. If it doesn't, you can't.


Yes, I do that all the time. Check your Funai manual (or look up the manual on the internet). You should be able to dub one tape. Stop the recording, then dub another. There would be two program entries on the list of recordings. Don't forget to "finish" the DVD. On my recorder (Magnavox), I can title the different programs and even set a thumbnail image. After finishing, that becomes the home menu for the DVD when it plays. You can increase or decrease recording time (like VHS), I can fit up to 8 hours, but the quality suffers. Best quality gives you 1 hr. I usually leave at standard of 2 hrs. I've noticed you can even mix the quality from one program to another.


The contents of the Owner's Manual should answer your questions.

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you can fit 120min or so on a dvd no matter what. the software you're using to do your conversions is the only thing that is going to limit this (the option is either hidden or unavailable to keep things simple for you). you could even dozens of hours on a dvd if you were comfortable watching them only on a computer. to answer your question more specifically we'd need more details and you'd have to hope we understand the software package you're using.