Blu-Ray player fuzzy, but only when plugged into a specific TV. What can I do to fix it?

I have a Blu-Ray, a Sony BPP-SP3700. Since the day we got it it has had screen snow when plugged into the TV it was meant to be used on, but only on that TV. Sometimes the snow is worse than others. And it doesn t have a great wi-fi connection either despite being less than twenty feet from the Wireless router. When placed in another room, on a different TV, both the wireless and the screen snow are completely not there. One thing I can think of is there are a large bundle of cables back there, when on the second TV there were much fewer cables involved. The second possibility is that on the correct TV the HDMI cable has to go through a pass-through wall connection, but so did the last Blu-Ray player, and it didn t have this trouble. (Though it was a much older, just HD Blu-Ray while the current box is 4K ready.)


Eliminate everything but one HDMI cable between the player and the TV. If that makes it good, you will have the answer.

SSP Bowl Dude

Try a new HDMI cable.