Can HD tv be used without HD antenna?

Hello. What happens if you use a tv with a built-in HD digital tuner (aka ATSC, aka all tvs made now), WITHOUT using an HD antenna, to watch regular broadcast "over the air" (OTA) channels? Will the picture be scrambled, but audio intact?


There is no such thing as an HD antenna, but you still need an antenna to collect the signal.


The term "HD antenna" is misleading. If you had a suitable new-old-stock antenna from the 1960s, it would work just as well as any similar antenna made in the last three years. You will need some kind of antenna to receive over-the-air signals, and the weaker the signals at your location, the more capable the antenna will need to be. Beyond about 70 miles from the transmitter, there is little, if any, chance of TV reception no matter what antenna you might use.

Atheist Dude

No such thing as HD anthena.

Crim Liar

In order to see over the air transmissions you need an antenna. AN antenna is an antenna, there is no magic element or component that makes an antenna HD.