When did Sony start its stagnation and downfall in the consumer electronics industry ? They have only recently come back into the black.?



Sony took a bad dive the instant Akio Morita was no longer in control of it. Real recovery will require another chairperson with drive and mentality similar to Mr. Morita's.


They went down when they got hacked by N.Corea because they made a movie, The Interview, mocking the leader, Supreme Leader of North Korea Kim Jong-un the First. The N.Koreans were determined to destroy Sony and released a lot of eMails and some new moves onto the internet. Luckily, Sony has a finger in every pie and the Sony Electronics division has made great strides in consumer electronics and games bringing in vast profits which have saved the group.


When Sony Pictures started billboarding Adam Sandler in all their major pictures. That is where they went down hill like a fricken avalanche.