Doesn't Gisele Bundchen look like a man?

She looks like a man in a blonde wig like ewwww

ꀘꍟꍟᖘꀤꈤꁅ ꀤ꓄ ꍏ꒒ꀤᐯꍟ ❤️

Not really. Actually, SHE does look a bit like Steffi Graf though.


I'm from her country, brazil. She is from the south where most people are white and the state she was born have a lot of german descent people. German women usually look like men. Just look at all these german models, thick bones, strong jawlines...


So turn out the lights when you take her to bed. That should all be done by touch anyway. And if you WERE NOT planning on bedding her down, then who gives a Kentucky Fried Rat's behind about what you think of her looks?


No she looks like a top world renown model from Brazil with a German background.


She rough looking.


I wonder if she has a dong


A little.. Lol be nice.. You'll thank me later.