Does the cute server want me to go back? Or was the billing a mistake...?

So I went to eat lunch by myself and this was my first time at this ramen shop. Therefore I was not familiar with the cost of items. So, I entered the place and was seated by a very cute waiter. He immediately asked what I wanted to drink. I told him sprite, and he came back with a cup full of ice and a can of sprite. He then asked me what I wanted to order, and I quickly chose miso ramen. Now, the ramen was priced at 11$ and the soda was $2.50 per can. I did not know the soda cost that much but anyways... I began to eat my bowl of ramen and half way done the waiter comes back and asks if everything was fine. I said yes, and pressumed to eat. (Keep in mind my glass was half full at the moment). He then comes back and leaves me another can of sprite! I know I was not gonna pay another $2.50 for a can of sprite. I was then finishing up and he comes again and leaves the bill next to me. So, mathematically, I should be charged $11 for the ramen, and 2.50 X2 for the soda. (btw, I never opened the second one since I was so full). So, the total should be around $17.32 with taxes but the bill only showed a charge of $11.95!!!!!!! He only charged me for the bowl of ramen?????


More than likely it was a billing mistake.


Accept the soda(s) as a freebie!


He wants you to go back. If the place is new, $2.50 or $5 investment in a return customer is inexpensive. Especially if you tell your friends. Whether there is any "chemistry" between the two of you, we have no way to know.


Possible lunch special included the drink.


I'm exhausted reading your gibberish




It probably wasn't a mistake, he was either just being nice or he was into you. If you were attracted to him you should definitely go back there.