Should I report my father to the authorities?

My father doesn't really like kids that much and tries to avoid them as much as he can. However, he came over to my christmas party the other day. My eleven year old son wanted to try to see if he could pick him up. My dad didn't really seem to want for it to happen, so he agreed. My son tried lifting my dad as best as he could, but only did so for a several seconds. My dad then confronted me privately, saying that while my son tried to lift him, my son's chest was pressing into his genital area and he tried to ignore it at first to be polite, but was getting ready to push my son off of him if he kept trying to lift him. This is absolutely sickening that my father would allow it to go on for this long, should I report him?

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Why would you report your Dad? If he liked it and wanted your son to keep trying so he could get his jollies off, then it might be worth reporting you moron.

Hannah Kang

"Why is this in the Dining Out category?" is my question. But, since you asked, I think you should set your dad straight. It's really weird that he would say that more than it was weird that that was going on. You're father obviously didn't do that on purpose, and it's no big deal. The fact that you think that he shouldn't have let it "go on farther" is creepy.


You seem to believe that your allowing of something which was not wanted by another is 'their' issue. So what exactly will you report him for, your stupidity!

Jerry S


George Loves Tacos

Why do you invite him over if he doesn't enjoy his grandchildren? I'm pretty sure if he had you, and manages to see his grandchildren then that means that he doesn't hate kids as much unlike what you're making him out to be. No. Your father didn't do anything wrong. You were standing right there. Did it look like he was having some sick turn on? I doubt it. How long was this hug? You make it sound like it was an hour. If it was really weirdly prolonged than you are at fault too. He probably felt uncomfortable, and told you that to help his embarrassment. That, or maybe he just wants to find an excuse to not hug your kid. You even said so yourself he pushed him off. I don't see the issue. He wasn't forcing your son. Your 11 year old must be really short if he only goes up to your father's balls.


Perhaps you or your father or both need to see a doctor


no as it was nothing where else would your sons head be when trying to lift him your father is making too much of a natural act

Corvus Blackthorne

You again? I gave you a serious answer the first time. Now, you get the feather.


Sure. Waste their time as qell as mine.


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