Do baristas or fast food workers get easily annoyed?

not that i'm ever rude to them, but i always get scared that the cashier taking my order gets impatient or annoyed with me. to clarify, im not one of those people who doesnt know what they want when they go to order, but i still get anxious that theyre annoyed with me. thoughts?


they can kiss your as*s or find a better job. there's no reason they need to get annoyed at you when you're trying to see what you'd like to order. they don't have anything else to do. don't worry about it. but if you want to decrease your anxiety, look at the menu and decide before you go to the food place.


Sometimes in high pressure situations.




Have you ever worked a customer service job? It is tiring and long. I wouldn't blame yourself, but I guess be more compassionate to the workers.


Yes, especially when people are rude


I used to be a fast food worker. I'd only get annoyed at rude people.


No. It seems that way, but usually their bad moments come from a build up of horrible customer moments. Possibly from behind the scenes work issues as well.


Some do and some don't it depends on the individual, and most of the time it has nothing to do with you ( assuming that you are as you describe yourself) and it is about their having a bad day.


Not easily, but they (silly them, being human and all) DO get annoyed at rude people and this can stay in their system (ike anybody else's) for a while.... So, if YOU have not been insulting to a fast food worker, maybe they have just had a rude person going to their station ("I want it all, right now, but I didn't want THIS, you idiot)!")