Should I start talking to this boy?

This boy is in 2 of my classes and he's pretty cute but seems a little on the shy side and I don't know if he wants a relationship. He seems like he studies a lot and he also does track but I also do swim and from watching him it seems like we are pretty similar. So should I start making moves and talking to him? Also my best friend also happens to be dating one of his friends.

Dances with Weed

If hes shy he will welcome a girl initiating conversation. It will take him a while to warm up but once he does you get to see the person he hides from the world. Shy guys are great guys. We're passed over too many times though.


yes, talk to him and see what happens


Go ahead! The worst that could happen is he can't talk cause he's busy or something.

Ultra Gopt (Nabrivoj)

nobody really knows hte answer to this


Of course you should talk to him. Just because someone is she doesnt mean they dont wanna talk and ive found that making the effort to actually be friendly and kind towards someone because theyre a little timid just improves how they see you. And if you dont try you never know, life is short and theres no time for second guessing. Just say hi and go from there. You never know what might happen. Good luck.

Concerned Dad

It depends - are you a boy ? If so - then no, that would be gay. If you're a girl, then go for it.