Why do blacks claim to be the most attractive race, but at the same time aren't attracted to each other?


retired old sarge

because once you go white you are going right..


Black people are not a monolith,they are as individual as any other race


False claim.

Mike G

Citations needed.


If they weren't attracted to each other the so-called "black race" would cease to exist in about 3 generations. That's all it takes to change your race. Just 3 generations and BOOM! You are no longer the same race as your grandparents. Says a lot about the importance of "race", doesn't it?


Im not attracted to either blacks or White AMERICANS, like any SANE human being, i am attracted to those of the same race, religion, and culture as myself.


All races claim to be the most attractive. I personally think all humans are ugly

Taylor b

To me the most attractive are whites


They know their race is the most ghetto and ratchet. They want to get away from that "culture".