Why do I look really attractive in mirror but average in photos?


Blue Sky 🐾

Your probably not photogenic. It doesn't mean your unattractive.


i think it is only your perception , we are all beautiful


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This usually has to do with symmetry and is the reason some top models who look great in photographs look funny IRL. You can always work on angles, lighting and filters. But most people look better in motion than in still photographs.




When you're looking in a mirror you'll usually be facing your reflection front on so you'll become accustomed to that view of yourself. Plus you can adjust your expression to suit. Photos, even when you're posing for them, can catch you from angles you're not used to seeing and you're never certain how your expression will come out until you see the result. I tend to look okay in mirrors but in photos I can vary from okay to kill-it-with-fire. Fun experiment: get two mirrors and angle them so you see yourself side-on Isn't it because the brain subconsciously makes you think you're more attractive than you really are. Seeing yourself in a picture is basically what you really look like, possibly why people will on average rate themselves higher on a scale of 1-10 than other people rate them