Help me pick a restaurant for my sweet 16 birthday dinner?

Right now, I’m thinking the Cheesecake Factory, Melting Pot, Buffalo Wild Wings, Dave & Buster’s, Olive Garden, or this local Cajun restaurant (can’t think of the name right now). It’s probably just going to be my mom & I since I don’t have friends (2 maybe?) & not a lot of family over here. Oh, and I’m a vegetarian, so I don’t know if that helps at all. There are lots of vegetarian restaurants over here, but my mom is very carnivorous, so that’s why I haven’t really included those options.


Ooooh. Thats a very tough one! If you're thinking expensive but a good experience try The Cheesecake factory. Buffalo wild wings is cheaper and something to take home. The melting pot is somewhat in between from what i've heard. Average prices, good food. Dave and busters is a casual fun arcade thats usually gaming first, eating second. Their food isnt the best. Olive garden is bland to me. It tries too hard to be fancy. Good for vegetarians, though! They have good alfredo. Overall, I'd go cheesecake factory if your mom doesnt care about prices. :)


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Olive Garden is "probably" your best option since they make a couple sauces for pasta that don't have meat in them.


Ask your Mom what kind of a budget she's anticipating - at 16, you're old enough to start taking that into account. Don't be afraid to try something outside of the box. I love Cheesecake Factory - but I'd rather skip the chain restaurants and go for a really good Indian Restaurant - or try something you never have before (Ethiopian, if they have it in your town?)

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BDubs doesn't have many veg choices. As long as you are ovo-lacto Olive garden has lots of veggie pasta dishes. Melting pot is pricey. Cheesecake Factory has the most extensive menu.