My friend dined and dashed, help!!?

We were out at a restaurant and had every intent to pay. Only one person ordered food and he was going to pay for everything since all the rest of us had were drinks. However after 45 minutes we never got the check. My friend got fed up with not getting the check and left. Since he was my ride I had no choice but to leave too. It was late at night and I had nothing but my ID on me. I feel really bad now and not sure what to do. I’m terrified to go back to the place myself.


U need new friends


I don't have Dirtbag friends like that maybe rethink yours!


convince him to pay


You should have had flagged a waiter or somebody own to ask about getting waiter or the check, or because when you look at it, you and your friend stole the food that was eaten if one person ate them. And i am sure the restaurant had to noticed that you both of you left without paying the check, as they need to get tables ready for the next people to dine. Which means that they next to be bussed, ether by a server, or a busier, and then set up again. And next time you and your friend, or how will they react, will they refuse to serve you, or call the police to have you arrested. Do you know if any body else in your party that assuming stuck around paid the check? Assuming it was just not you and your friend that left with paying, if so you should call anybody else and ask them to see if somebody paid, and even see if you or your friend should pay that person back.

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"I went back to the restaurant and paid the bill. I left a pretty big tip for all the trouble too. No matter how shitty the waitress was, we shouldn’t have skipped out on paying" You answered your own question. It was actually what I was going to suggest doing. You were part of the group, and you felt some guilt for the dine and dash episode. I don't like not paying my way, and it is what I would have done in that situation. I would also show your "friend" the receipt and ask for him to pay up or find new people to hang with. A simple trip to the checkout before leaving would have solved the issue very quickly. Note: why post anon, then leave a comment that shows your name to all?


Dont tell


You should have tried to talk your friend into going back and paying,if they don't, you should go back and pay it and if I were you, I would strongly consider ending the friendship, or at the very least never going out to eat with them again. You also should never again dine and dash and should not go out to eat with anyone that suggests that you do it.


You same as a recovery making person try to sympathy with him, mull over first with me: some body paid you? Then if yes then tell him: how did you dare.


You need to persuade your friend to go back and pay. Isn't that obvious? If he refuses, the only decent thing to do is go back yourself and give the restaurant manager your friend's name and address.