Should booths at restaurants be moveable?

When my boyfriend and I go to Golden corral once a week, he has a hard time getting out of the booth afterward. He's not obese but gets extremely bloated since it's a buffet and his stomach causes him to get stuck between the table and the seat. I think the table should move forward so he can move more freely, right?


This sounds like a troll post, but if it's not, you and he should sit at a table where you can move both the chair and the table so thta this is not a problem.


you might choose sitting at a table instead of a booth, so it is easier for him


No. Seating alternatives already exist - i.e., non-booth table. In this specific case, both the table and the chair can move. This is a non-issue.


Wrong, he is stuffing himself silly. Eat less. I would be embarrassed to post this.


I'm fat so I sit @tables, not booths


No if you can't handle a booth it's up to you to sit at a table the world doesn't revolve around you.


troll alert