What are delivery apps that won't screw you over?

Ubereats screwed me over the most I only ordered once from them and it took a PayPal dispute just to get half of my money back. The food was cold and it was literally leaking in the bottom of the bag. Postmates was going well for a while actually use them quite a few times. But with that being said my order has been wrong quite a few times it's either been extremely cold or they put something on there I really didn't want where that I'm allergic to or they forget to put in an item. For example, I paid extra for a topping and it wasn't even placed on there I cannot tell from my receipt whether or not I've been charged for it but I tried to contact Postmates and they said that I wasn't able to receive any refund or any type of credits because I've had too many issues with my orders. I have more orders that went well then the complaints which is extremely funny to me. Anytime I had a complaint about my food I had proof as to why and I sent it to them. I didn't even want my money back this time I just wanted the Postmates to go pick me up a new one because that wasn't quite fair I paid so much for something I didn't receive. So with that being said is there any actual delivery apps that will not screw you over?


I can't answer you except to say that I would never use a food delivery service unless it's pizza and the pizza shop is very close....................you have already found the faults in those delivery companies


Depending on where you are maybe just eats or deliveroo, I use them and they're quite trustworthy so far.