My son's school say that they will be having a socialist speak at his school tomorrow, what can I do?

They have had other people with other views talk to them (Christians, Conservatives, libertarians,) but this seems too extreme to allow. It is a PUBLIC school, how is this extremeism legal?


On New Year's Eve, get real.


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I thought that Americans prided themselves of supporting free speech. Does she really think that by listening to someone's socialist views her son will automatically be turned into a socialist?


If it was my kid and he was high school age, I would just debrief him when he got home. If you aren't comfortable defending capitalism and destroying socialism, I would keep your kid at home that day. Anything younger than late teens doesn't need to hear any political speech promoting socialism, in my view. Learning about it in a classroom is one thing, a speaker's promotional propaganda is another.

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Let him hear it. "Protecting" him from it won't help him. Discuss it ahead of time about the pitfalls of socialism, to be forewarned is to be forearmed.


If they allowed the others,then they have to allow this...just remind him,when a socialist speaks they usually give you the good news because the bad news far outweighs it!


keep him out that day, and the school won't get paid for him.


Get your kid out of public school. Home school or put him in a private school. Public schools are dangerous.